Urban Theater Pforzheim Lab


The Urban Theater Pforzheim Lab is an interface project between classical, urban and contemporary dance that was initiated by Gudio Markowitz and directed by Daniela Rodriguez Romero in cooperation with the Ballet Theater Pforzheim to stimulate exchange between dance artists of formal and informal dance cultures in Baden-Württemberg. The Urban Theater Pforzheim Lab is a platform that bundles the artistic potential of both worlds and creates synergies.

14 urban dancers from the informal dance scene in Baden-Württemberg received in-depth training in artistic research and research methods from Daniela Rodriguez Romero and her assistant Ziya Aktas. After several months of intensive training within the urban group, they then entered into dialogue with the classical and contemporary trained dancers of the Ballett Theater Pforzheim. Together, they explored dance techniques, styles and new aesthetic directions, and found out how far they could go together artistically. In 2020, the Pforzheim Theatre, under the direction of Thomas Münstermann and Uwe Dürigen, founded the Urban Theatre Pforzheim LAB on the idea and initiative of ballet director Guido Markowitz with the aim of creating a new nucleus of artistic research and development.


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