As a dance artist, I understand the production of a stage play as a possibility to open an artistic deepening process to an audience and thus to let social participation happen.

As artistic director I have expertise in artistic conception, process management, choreography, composition, dramaturgy, staging, relationship work with the dancers and the participating artists as well as technical realization. I have realized productions in the independent scene and for state houses. I work with professional and semi-professional dancers, children and young people and amateurs. As a production manager I have skills such as project application, project management, project coordination, production planning, administration, budget management public relations, event communication.

Selected productions:

2008 Search!
Premiered in December 2010 in Tokyo, Japan.
Artistic director and production manager.

2014 #P.O.S.T 14.
Without voice ensemble.

Premiered in July 2014 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Artistic director and production manager

Without Voice Ensemble.
Premiered in August 2016 in Targu Jiu, Romania.
Artistic and production direction

2018 PASSAGEN IN PORTBOU – and the Memory of the Nameless.
Without voice ensemble

Premiered in August 2018 in Portbou, Spain
Artistic director and production manager

2020 Street to Stage – URBAN PRODUCTION
Premiered in October 2020 at Tanzfaktur Cologne, Germany

Artistic direction and production manager with Bahar Gökten